Where can i find a singapura kitten to adopt in Illinois?

I want to adopt a purebred singapura cat but i know they are pretty rare and don’t have a clue on where to find one.

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Answer by Café Mocha Valencia
To “adopt”? That would imply finding one at a shelter which isn’t going to happen. Pedigreed kittens only come from the mating of pedigreed cat to pedigreed cat of the same breed and are only found at breeders.

The Singapura is quite rare and since they’re small litters are very small – usually only one or two kittens – which drives the price up. You won’t find a Singapura kitten to BUY from a breeder for less than $ 1,500. I know of only two breeders – one in BC, Canada and one in Alberta, Canada. TICA’s website may list others http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/sg/breeders.php

Why do you want a cat of this breed, though? Clearly you’ve never seen one in person or met breeders or you’d already know where to buy one. So are you picking this breed solely based on photos you’ve seen on the internet? Not the right way to go about selecting a breed.

edit: Cheetah – clearly you’ve never seen a Singapura as none of those cats listed as Singapuras at those are the least bit Singapura! Pretty irresponsible of them to list them as such when they clearly AREN’T.


  1. CF_ says

    Adoption is from a proper animal shelter, but they wont have a cat of this breed unless the owner died or surrendered it or something… so your other choices are to buy one from a breeder, you can look in CAT FANCY magazine to find breeders, but realize “adoption” is only from shelters.

  2. cheetah says

    check here:
    very rare purebreeds are also rare in shelters.
    Or your check for breeders. But be aware that a purebreed rare kitten will cost easily a few thousand dollars.

    Note beside:
    I wonder why it has to be this specific breed – just because it’s rare?
    A kitten is a long time responsibility for up to 20 years and not just a fancy item which you could get rid of as long as it’s not interesting anymore.

    There are thousands of awesome and cute kittens of any possible breed desperately waiting to be adopted out before their time runs out and they are put down.
    Adopting one kitten from a shelter does not change the world – that’s for sure. But for the adopted kitten you will definite change the world.

    This cant be happen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVirCMQaJQc&feature=fvwrel
    The truth about euthanasia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emGZBLVJmGI&feature=related

  3. Ariane deR says

    Yes they are very rare. I don’t know of any breeders even near Illinois. You would probably have to have a kitten shipped or else fly to pick it up.
    There are 2 TICA judges in New Mexico, Adriana Kajon & Vickie Shields, who breed Singapuras. so you might try them. Here is an old website. http://www.catagility.com/Singapura–TruecoloursCatsKittens.htm The website clearly has not been updated for years but there was a kitten of their breeding shown last season (by one of the Canadian breeders CMV mentioned)

    And here is a site where some others have advertised. http://www.breedlist.com/breeders/sin.html

    Singapuras tend to not have very big litters. Also the breed itself is small in numbers so conscientious breeders are more likely to have to get new breeding cats from long distances. The kittens cost more than the average pedigreed kitten (many breeds start around $ 600 for a kitten) I think a Singapura pet kitten from a good breeder would be over $ 1000 but I dont know how much.

    You may be able to get a pedigreed Singapura at a much lower price if you will consider an adult. You can ask breeders if they have any retired adults . (usually just a few years old). Also breeders may occasionally have or know of another cat of their breed that needs a home. And you dont have to get a kitten to have it bond with you..

    Another option would be a less rare but somewhat similar breed, like Abyssinian or Burmese.

    Or of course, you could adopt a domestic kitten or cat from a local shelter. Search on petfinder.com to find some near you who need homes. If you do that and want a cat who will stay small then get an adult, since there’s no way to know how big a kitten of unknown ancestry will get.

    & there is a great purebred rescue group with foster homes in southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois. http://www.purebredcatrescue.org/available-for-adoption-3 They have mostly Persians & Siamese, or mixes of one of those breeds but they occasionally get other breeds.

    Re “adopt”:
    Some people say you should ONLY use the word “adopt” about an animal from a shelter or established rescue group, not from any other source.
    Other people say you should NEVER use the word “adopt” for animals instead of human children; they find it offensive that the word has become used for animals.

    People often just use the term no matter where they are getting a new animal, because they’ve heard other people say “adopt” and figure that is the commonly used word and they’re not extremely involved in these issues & don’t know what language is considered correct by whom.