is it safe for a pregnant Siberian Husky bitch to be mating?

My bitch is pregnant, (well she is showing all the signs) and has approx 2 wks to go but she has allowed the male dog to mount her and they have locked is this normal?
and will it harm her? should I keep them apart?
just adding.
I took her to the vets today,and had a scan done,
I saw her babies!!!! all is well!!
advised to keep the male separate from now on.
Thanks for all the helpful answers. xx

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    Answer by happychicken
    I’d guess it’s the same as for people… and it’s perfectly safe to root (can u tell i’m australian??!!) when you’re up the duff!


  1. tassiequartz says

    yes keep them apart.. have you had a scan on your b!tch to see if she is pregnant?? she shouldnt stand for him unless she is in season so maybe she isnt pregnant and is having a silent pregnancy. get her checked by the vet then you will get a rough idea of how many pups she will have.

  2. chetco says

    No, it isn’t safe, and they should be kept apart. It can cause serious infection, which would complicate birthing, and harm the puppies.
    However, I think she needs a vet visit, to make certain that it isn’t an infection that is attracting the male.

  3. joanie m says

    Impossible. The female must be in heat to lock up with a male. You must have not witnessed the original ‘mating’ in which you believe your dog became preganant the ‘first’ time. But I will bet you that she will deliver some nice pups for Thanksgiving!

  4. redrosefading says

    I never heard of a dog that will allow mating if she isn`t in heat. So in all probability she is not pregnant, but if she is showing all the signs, then something is definitely wrong. Get her to a vet asap. Do not allow further matings at this time until she is checked out first. If u didn`t intend to breed her, then have her spayed in the near future.

  5. ulcrm says

    Why on earth isn’t she spayed? Don’t put your dog through the painful and sometimes deadly process of giving birth. Take her to the vet to have the puppies aborted and have her spayed.

    There are to many dogs and not enough homes because of backyard breeders like yourself.

    Number one cause of deaths in healthy dogs is EUTHANASIA!!!!!!!!!!! Guess why?

  6. Jaser says

    Are you serious? Why are you allowing that to happen? Don’t allow the male to breed with the female. This is insane.